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新年自勉和問安 — 5 Comments

  1. 徐老师:您好

    • 馬姐妹,多謝你的留言。主確是信實及安慰我們的主。有時候他藉著事情的改變直接安慰我們,但很多時候他也藉著不同的事情給我們很多的安慰。他也加給我很多的力量。願主也一樣的與妳同在,也繼續大大使用妳!

  2. David,

    Happy belated new year! I am really sorry to know that it’s still difficult for your brother’s situation and it’s going to be so for a while. I will keep praying for you and your brother’s family. I am really sorry I have not been keeping in touch, and prayed so little for others.

    May God give you encouragement and support!


    • Hi Bingxin, thanks for your notes. It is ok. We all know you have been very busy with many things. My brother is improving although it will take him a long time. I am ok and was not particularly sad or depressed. I was just explaining why I decided not to do anything during the Christmas season.

      Hope you are all well!

  3. 徐老师,主内平安!



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